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Facebook and Twitter frequently appear within the literature relating to social networking, however it is unclear how other popular social networking sites, corresponding to LinkedIn, Instagram, and Flickr, affect student engagement. Future research should concentrate on the efficacy of those and different in style social networking sites for selling scholar engagement. In addition, there were only a few research about whether or not informational technologies, which contain the one-way transmission of information to college students, have an effect on different varieties of scholar engagement. Future analysis ought to study whether informational technologies, corresponding to video lectures, podcasts, and pre-recorded narrated … Read More

Etsy Adds Some Fashion to Its E-Commerce Shopping Basket

At the beginning of June, Etsy (NASDAQ:ETSY) announced it was acquiring Depop, an online fashion reseller for $1.6 billion. Investors may be wondering what to make of this move and how this new brand fits in to the overall strategy of this marketplace for artisans to sell their goods. On a Fool Live episode recorded on July 14, Fool contributors Brian Feroldi and Brian Withers discuss the details of the purchase and why shareholders should love this move.

Brian Withers: Moving on to Etsy, E-T-S-Y, another company that spelled just like the stock. In June, Etsy announced

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