Is ‘Sustainable Fashion’ Vital For A Healthy Planet? – Get The Facts About ‘Slow Fashion’ -v- ‘Fast Fashion’ Right Here!

fast fashion

You may have noticed that the phrase, sustainable fashion, is cropping up more and more in contemporary fashion articles.

And yet these same articles rarely explain exactly what ‘sustainable fashion’ means.

At its most basic, sustainable fashion means using recycled garments and natural materials to produce textiles that are well-made and last for years.

This avoids the constant manufacture of harmful synthetic fabrics used in ‘fast fashion’ clothing, and discourages us from throwing away good clothing just because we think it isn’t ultra-trendy.

Because of ‘fast fashion’, we are discarding a lot of wearable and attractive garments each year,

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Sofia Richie shares her fashion inspiration and style secrets

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  • We are all ears

    Sofia Richie is one particular of our type icons from her enviable crimson carpet seems to her each day dressed down ensembles, she appreciates how to nail it.

    The 23-12 months-old product – who is the daughter of Lionel Richie – has admitted her fashion is continually “adapting and evolving”, and she will take style inspiration from locations, somewhat than unique people today.

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    Fight between 85-yearold landlord, Lebanese firm over Lagos property gets messier

    The house on 33 Balogun Road, Lagos, is in dispute. There are two claimants. Although the Dr. Charles Oladeinde Williams’ household would like their asset handed again to them, the Lebanese company, which supposedly leased it, claims the house experienced lengthy been offered to them. Taiwo Hassan, who has been pursuing the disagreement, stories

    For the previous Chief Health-related Director of Unity Healthcare facility, Lagos, Dr. Charles Oladeinde Williams, it is been a tug-of-war attempting to reclaim his inheritance. His father, late Clarence Olatunde Williams, inherited the property with his siblings from their own father, James Wilson. His father, and

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    Ten 60s fashion trends that are cool again

    Which ten 60s fashion trends are cool again?

    The swinging ‘60s are known as the time when traditions were broken and individuality and self-expression flourished. This new ethos resulted in major shifts in politics, culture, music and social rules. Fashion became progressively casual, moving away from the prim and proper style that prevailed in the ‘40s and ‘50s.

    The second wave of feminism inspired women to express their rebellious and freedom-loving streak through style. The decade set the tone for modern style and revolutionized women’s fashion with striking cuts, bold colors and patterns. While the ’60s featured a number of

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    Fashion-obsessed Shanghai residents flocked to luxury stores on the first day of the city’s reopening after its brutal lockdown

    People wearing face masks line up outside a store of French luxury brand Celine, at a reopened shopping mall in Shanghai, China.Reuters

    • Shanghai residents flocked to luxury stores as soon as the city opened after two months in lockdown.

    • Fashion houses such as Prada, Dior, and Louis Vuitton all saw queues on Wednesday, SCMP reported.

    • “Revenge spending in Shanghai means long queues outside Hermès,” a social media user said.

    Shanghai residents flocked to luxury stores on the first day of the city’s reopening after spending two months under a strict Covid lockdown that stopped them from even heading

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