July 13, 2024


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8 Hat Display Ideas to Increase Your Headwear Sales

8 Hat Display Ideas to Increase Your Headwear Sales

Much like footwear, headwear is an important sub-category of the apparel market. The headwear market includes sports caps, work hats, and fashion hats, as well as other headwear items such as beanies and headbands. Merchandising headwear can be particularly challenging given the wide range of headwear available today. Let’s look at 8 examples of hat displays that can increase brand awareness and boost headwear sales.

Melin Hanging Glorifier Display- Melin is one of the most premium headwear brands in the U.S. We created a wall hanging glorifier display that was designed to showcase 2 hats, the upscale hat box that comes with each hat, and a background graphic to tell the Melin story. The display was designed to sit on a countertop or hang on slatwall.

Swannies 2-Sided Floor Display– Swannies is a good example of a higher-end floor display that works in golf shops or almost any retail environment. The display features slotted uprights, a wood base, sheet metal shelves, and a wood-framed header with an interchangeable graphic. Its small footprint makes it ideal for space-constrained golf shops as well as other specialty retail shops.

Grom Squad Cap Tower– RICH LTD. offers a stock 12-pocket tower display called the CAP-12ECO. It features simple metal tube construction with removable wire pockets. Each pocket has a holding capacity of 6-8 caps, and the display knocks down for more cost-effective shipping. It is easy to assemble and goes together with no tools. Like the Swannies example above, the CAP-12ECO tower display does not require much floor space. In the Grom Squad example shown below, we added a PVC header sign and a flag sign to promote the Grom Squad brand and tell the brand’s story.

Adidas Cap Tower– Another species of headwear tower displays is the Adidas cap display shown below. This display has the added feature of curved uprights that can help to capture shopper attention, as well as branded pocket accents, a branded base sign, and a PVC header sign.

Adidas Counter display– Although counter space is often more difficult to get in a retail store, it is particularly valuable real estate and ideal for a cap display like the 4-pocket Adidas counter display shown below. Like the floor display above, it features knock-down construction, branded pockets, a PVC header, and a bright blue powder coated finish.

  • Peter Grimm Wood Floor Display– Hats with larger brims such as sun hats can be a merchandising challenge. These hats can often be stacked on top of each other since they nest well. We created the wood display shown below for Peter Grimm sun hats. We included branding on the base and header while also incorporating side mirrors.

Ambler Mountain Works Beanie Display– Ski hats and beanies are a vital category within the headwear industry. Because they lack structure, beanies and ski hats cannot be displayed using the typical metal pocket method which has become so ubiquitous in the headwear industry. We created the floor display shown below for Ambler Mountain Works. It includes a series of curved wire frames that can be used to display individual beanies or ski hats in a way that maximizes product visibility.

Peter Grimm 2-sided Mobile Floor Display– Our last example is the floor display shown below which we designed for Peter Grimm. We constructed the display using a metal tube frame on casters and slotted MDF back panels. We added lifestyle graphics on the sides and a branded header on top. This type of headwear display is particularly effective when merchandising any type of headwear that hangs.

Headwear is a robust and rapidly changing sub-category of the apparel industry. Given the variety of styles and headwear types, merchandising in the headwear industry can be challenging. However, in today’s post we provided numerous examples of headwear displays and hat display ideas which we hope will serve as a good foundation for increases your headwear sales.