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Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash Review | Maple Holistics

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash Review | Maple Holistics

The idea of body wash being the thing that replaces soap is one that really took hold in the 1990’s or 2000’s. Soap bars had been used for centuries. But then along came things like body wash and shower gel, and now there is some confusion. Aveeno has been a pioneer of several products and methods, so here is our Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash review.

Some say that body washes are a hoax concocted by cosmetics companies. They think that these companies wanted to charge more for essentially the same product in a different package, with some natural ingredients thrown in for good measure as a sales booster. Granted, some companies do this. But there is still a very big difference between the average soap bar and body wash.

Should You Be Showering Every Day?

Woman in the shower looking up as water is spraying.

You don’t necessarily have to shower every day.

First off, the topic of a daily moisturizer begs the question: should you be showering every day? And there are several answers. The most obvious answer is: no. You don’t need to shower every day, and you don’t need to moisturize your body every single day. That said, there ARE people who should be doing exactly that!

The key is to listen to your body and learn to recognize your skin’s patterns of behavior, so to speak. Are you working out every day? Are you getting sweaty and dirty every day? Does you skin feel devoid of moisture? Does it respond well to daily moisturizers? Have you made any significant changes in your diet or environment recently? These are all questions which have to do with hygiene, so the situation may not be as simple as one may think.

You don’t have to moisturize every day, but for some people it is certainly recommended. And regardless of your particular circumstances, don’t forget that body wash is not the final solution for lack of moisture. Soap bars come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of quality. Sometimes, it will be better to get a great bar of soap instead of a rather mediocre body wash.

One last thing: even those who don’t shower every day may still want to moisturize every day. Hands and arms are organs which always get special treatment, even without a shower. So it is easier to keep them moisturized with such a product.

The Best Ingredients To Look For In Body Washes

Woman washing skin.

Pay attention to which ingredients are in your body wash.

Not all shower-related products are created equally. Whether you buy your skin care items at a beauty salon or pick them up at a supermarket aisle, there are some ingredients which people are not too crazy about. Now, it is important to note that many industrial, mass-produced products will be similar to some extent. They need to fit a large slice of the population, so several ingredients may be very common across different products, spectrums, and hierarchies of hygiene.

The best ingredients to look for in body washes are substance like shea butter, essential oils, veggie (carrier) oils, and healthy fatty acids. These are the kinds of substances which enrich and hydrate our skin. Even though they are mixed in with other, perhaps less desirable ingredients, those are a real tour de force of cleanliness and health.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash Ingredients Breakdown

Aveeno's daily moisturizing body wash.

Aveeno’s daily moisturizing body wash.

Aveeno is known for their beneficial ingredients, and this body wash is no different. The Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash ingredients include sulfates and detergents, like many other standard body washes. The body wash contains ingredients which bind the different chemicals together, and it also includes preservatives and fragrance (not a fan of that, to be honest). But alongside those “industrial” ingredients, you can also find oat extract, oat flour, oat oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, wheat protein, and citric acid.

So, all things considered, it’s a mix. But I will say this: if you look at the list of ingredients, you will see that the extracts and oils are pretty high up. In other words, there is a good amount of them in the formula. And that means that Aveeno is not just playing around. It actually places high importance on delivering the benefit of those natural ingredients, and it is not just a marketing ruse.

Soybean is said to possess some anti-aging qualities, but this is nothing to base your purchase on. If it manages to help you with the symptoms of age, sun, and stress – all the better. That’s certainly good for you, but there is no guarantee.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash Review

Woman smiling in towel

Your skin needs hydration in order to be healthy.

Moisture, wetness, beauty. We’ve all heard the immortal words of Derek Zoolander by now, and that is a real truth. Keeping the skin hydrated – much like the body, BTW – is key in its healthy development. Without moisture, some people find that their skin runs into trouble a lot more frequently. Not everyone needs to moisturize often, but some need to do it every day.

I don’t have any type of skin condition that I know of, other than perhaps actually having skin – and that is hardly a condition, right? Anyway… I left the shower with my skin feeling clean, soft, and altogether pampered after using Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Body Wash. Now, I mean it when I say this is not a commercial for Aveeno in any way. But man – I would do a commercial for this stuff! Though I suppose Aveeno will have to settle for spokesperson Jennifer Aniston.

One other thing: I usually don’t get calluses. Or rather, I don’t get them easily. They often take a while to form, and it takes continual friction day in and day out in order to make my skin tough and hard. I decided to tackle a small callus issue I had on the bottom of my right foot, and I found that this body wash can be of great help in the dry skin department.


I don’t mean to get all gushy about this product. I mean, it’s just body wash. But when I find a product that actually does what it says on the box and which delivers real value without costing too much? That’s the kind of product I would want to buy again, and it’s the type of company to which I would want to give my repeat business. It’s that simple.

Aveeno has been around for over 70 years. They know their business, and they know their customers. Like other daily moisturizers which Aveeno sells, this one can be trusted. Unless you know of any sensitivities to soy, oats, or sunflower, you should be good to go. Consult with your doctor if there are any outbreaks or bad reactions.

By the way, maybe this was just me, but I didn’t really smell anything when I last tried this product. It could be that I was under the weather, or that the scent somehow faded for some reason. I am not sure. Either way, this body wash has a mild, oat-like scent to it, which can be very refreshing without being overpowering. A good balance.