It is the age of influencers, nowadays almost anyone can go viral and become an overnight success from their Youtube or TikTok channel, but there are a few pioneers of the content creation field who paved the way for others.

Lifestyle vlogging was born on Youtube, and beauty lovers like the iconic Huda Katton got up on the platform and started doing makeup tutorials. Another woman who paved the way for the beauty blog industry is Mexican content creator, Yuya.

Mariand Castrejon Castañeda has gone by Yuya since she was a teenager, and at 29 she has over 30 million Youtube subscribers and over 17 million Instagram followers. She started her channel as a teen and has grown it into a global empire, being the top blogger in Mexico, and one of the top bloggers worldwide.


From her successful blogging, she has also written two books and launched a beauty brand, but her most recent adventure has been navigating motherhood.

Who Is Yuya?

Yuya started creating content as a teen, and at 29 she has had her Youtube vlog for well over 10 years. Looking at her channel she creates videos about her life and mixes them with beauty and fashion tips.

She particularly rose to fame as a voice for young women, not just talking about beauty and fashion, but also about confidence, dating and self-love. Yuya has spoken out about being an influencer and reading what people say about her on the internet, as all famous people have to deal with.

Her response is she does care about what people say in terms of her content because she wants to create content that people can engage with, and as for the rare negative comment about her personally, she doesn’t take it personally.

As a woman and successful entrepreneur, she says that therapy is one of the biggest tools for her to deal with fame and stay on track for the direction she wants to be in.

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Creating A Path For Content Creators

When Yuya started vlogging in 2009 at the age of 16, there was a very small market for bloggers and content creators, the market had not yet taken off as a form of media consumption and digital marketing.

It was just Yuya and her vlog, talking about being a teen, navigating the world as a young woman and sharing the beauty and fashion advice. You might call it luck for getting into the industry at the right time, but she pathed the way for the future of beauty vlogging which is now a multi-million dollar industry.

Other than vlogs she also launched her Instagram page and has written two books, Yuya’s Confessions and Yuya’s Secrets, which are all about advice for teen girls.

Her content was one of the first to unite women on the internet and give a voice to a community of young women.

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Becoming A Mother & Social Media

In 2021 Yuya gave birth to her first child, Mar, and she has said that her world has completely changed. Before as a content creator she was always traveling, working and pushing her life to the max, but now she has taken a step back to enjoy every moment.

She loves having breakfast slowly, not having a daily routine and now pushing her day-to-day to be in a hurry. With these changes in her life, her content is changing too, you can expect to see a lot more content about being a mom, and even more so, a working mom who is famous around the globe.

What Is Up Next For Yuya

It is an exciting time for Yuya who has always been a voice for young women and now as she enters this next chapter of womanhood as a mother, her content will naturally change as well.

She was recently on the cover of Elle Mexico, and the headline was “A Cool Mom,” for which she is. This Millennial is super cool with her makeup and beauty line, vlogs and continued career as an influencer.

Her beauty brand, Bailando Juntos, or Dance Together is cruelty-free and designed to encourage people to play with makeup as an art form, be bold and don’t be afraid to have fun with it. From vibrant color palettes, super cute nail polish and long-lasting lipsticks, there are many cool products to discover in the brand, and you can follow her blog for tips on how to use them.

At the moment Yuya is focusing on being a working content creator and mom, as well as developing her beauty brand for further expansion. From Youtuber to content creator, mom and impressive world wild entrepreneur, just wait to see what Yuya will do next.

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