September 21, 2023


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Best customizations to get in Oodies for Canada trip

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Cheap Oodies are extremely desirable clothing items for trips and vacations. Getting oodie blankets customised will take your dressing game up. Oodies can be customised in various prints without any additional charges. Most of the Oodies brands allow their customers to customise shapes, sizes, as well as prints. Even if a certain brand does not offer free customisation, a very nominal fee has to be paid for making an exceptional print on your blanket sweatshirt.

Getting some cool and relatable ideas for getting those trendy designs might be a struggle for many. Here are our suggestions on the customisations that you should get on your blanket sweatshirts if you are visiting Canada.

1. The Maple Leaf

The first thing that comes to everybody’s mind when we say Canada is very obvious – the red Maple leaf. This is our first suggestion to get customised. A red Maple leaf printed against a white backdrop is what will take your fashion game up from 0 to infinity while in Canada. Getting this customisation on a comfy hooded blanket is what will take your personality from 0 to infinity in Canada.

2. The Niagara Falls

While you can definitely wear the rainbow stripes printed oodie to this famous place, you can also get a customised oodie blanket alternative for added fashion quotient. You can get a customised tie-dye oodie blanket to make your visit to Niagara Falls memorable for the lifetime. You can wear the starry nights oodie as well to fit in with the aesthetics of the place.

3. Oodies for the Parks

Canada has a number of parks and natural forests which are great for exploring. If you’re looking forward to exploring these places on foot, we suggest you buy a comfy oodie blanket for all these places. These are colourful places with lots of browns and greens. So, any oodie in brown or red colors will look great. You can also get a solid colored oodie blanket for these places.

4. Letter printed oodies

If you are a fan of the classy but simple prints, this customization idea is for you. Get the text of the famous places such as Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, etc on your oodie blanket to stand out. This elegant oodie blanket customized with the words is going to be trendy forever. Wearing such an oodie blanket on the roads of Canada will definitely make heads turn.

While a customized design is a very personalized choice, you could definitely consider the above mentioned oodie customizations for saving some time and effort. These are the most famous spots in Canada. Packing an oodie blanket with resembling prints to the famous spots will make you look different from all the tourists. These are really easy and trendy customizations that could be done without burning a hole in your pocket. If you still haven’t got your oodie customized for the trip, do it right away. You can definitely thank us later.