September 27, 2023


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clean your gold jewellery at home
clean your gold jewellery at home

Jewellery! The word that cheers up a woman. Almost
every woman on earth loves to wear jewellery. I think since ancient time’s women
love to wear jewellery. Earlier women used to wear heavy jewellery. Now the trend
has been changed. The craze of jewellery among women is still not changed. Every
woman either rich or poor will have some kind of jewels. Why women only? In
ancient times or even Today, men have also some kind of jewellery. Although they do
not have many options as compared to women. They can have only a chain, ring or
bracelet. However, for women’s jewellery, I think the article would not enough to
count the design of jewels.

You all must-have jewellery. It is obvious. Earlier or
even today grandmother or mother used to gift their gold jewellery as a sign of
their love and affection to their children.  You may have gold jewellery of
their great grandmother. Naturally, your jewellery may not be as shiny as
it used to be.

Today, people do not wear gold jewellery every time; they
wear on a special occasion. While some tend to wear it every day.  You
have to clean your jewellery regularly to keep it shiny. It is difficult
to clean precious gold jewellery. Some people avoid giving it in a shop
for cleaning, as they fear of fraud. 

Today, we are going to learn some easiest way
to clean your gold jewellery at home.


You can use boiling water to clean gold jewellery.
Boil the water and then leave the gold jewellery in boiling water for 3-5 minutes
and run it through warm running water. Use a soft cloth to the gold
jewellery to clean it. You will get its original shine back within minutes. If
your gold jewellery has stone studded, then do not put it in boiling water.


You can clean your gold jewellery with toothpaste. Mix
the toothpaste in water and then scrub the gold jewellery with a soft toothbrush.
Be careful about toothpaste that your toothpaste solution should have diluted
with more water. After scrubbing the gold jewellery, wash the piece thoroughly
through running water and clean with a soft cloth. Dry the gold jewellery on a
soft towel. You can clean your gold jewellery with toothpaste whenever you wish
to. It is the best home remedy.


Any liquid dish detergent will clean your gold
jewellery. Mix the liquid dish detergent with warm water and then soak your gold
jewellery in the solution. Soak it for around 10 – 15 minutes. Scrub the gold
jewellery with your hand or software toothpaste, and then rinse the gold jewellery
in running water. Let it dry with a soft cloth, and you will find you’re sparking
gold jewellery back.


You can use ammonia to clean your gold jewellery. Mix
one part of ammonia with 7-8 parts of water, stir the solution and make a
mixture. Soak the jewellery, only for a few seconds. Then, soak under the
normal water. Dry the jewellery with a soft cloth and your shiny gold jewellery is
here. Do not use ammonia mixture after the detergent mixture as it may dissolve
the matter. If your gold jewellery has pearls, then avoid dissolving in the
ammonia mixture.


Do not make any harmful solutions. If you are not
sure about the solution, leave the jewellery only for a few minutes. Always clean
your gold jewellery with a soft cloth. Do not leave harsh rashes on the gold