May 24, 2024


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From self-cancel culture to swing wear: this week’s fashion trends | Fashion

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Going up

Self-cancel culture Bottega Veneta deletes its social media. Harry and Meghan leave it. Prada’s campaign is shot by no one. Forget cancelling – offline is the new online.

Fran-style As in Lebowitz tortoiseshell specs and The Row-style blazers. One of many reasons to watch Pretend It’s A City.

Ath-flow Dubious new term for what we’ve been wearing since Christmas, but also the only way to describe André Leon Talley’s campign for Ugg.

Marcus Aurelius Save your epicureanism for 2022. The best way to manage current events is to simply accept them like a Stoic.

McDonald’s Katsu Curry McNuggets Honestly, try them.

Going down

Sex Forget the economic catastrophe: a third of Brits say they had less sex in 2020 than in 2019.

Gorpcore Sick of puffers? This spring is all about “swing-wear” worn off the links. Think David Beckham and “disruptor” golf label Manors.

Melania Trump
Picture this. Photograph: Getty Images

Grand designs What’s worse than housebound influencers Instagramming their storage solutions? Melania photographing her rugs during the siege of the Capitol.

Parent Now used more as a verb than a noun, the New Yorker claims.

Wagatha Christie Harry Styles allegedly began his own investigation to find out who leaked his romance with Olivia Wilde. It’s… probably a paparazzo.