July 25, 2024


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Houzz Predicts Top Home Design Trends for 2023

Houzz Predicts Top Home Design Trends for 2023

Houzz, the leading home and design platform, recently released its top 10 home design trend predictions for 2023. As you plan your buying strategies for the new year, consider these emerging trends and what products you can stock to help your customers achieve their design goals

Lead image courtesy of Nested Interior Design, photographer Dominick Barbero

  1. Natural Materials

Natural materials are always in style but lately, they seem to have hit a high point in popularity. In particular, homeowners are installing quartzite and other natural stone countertops, as well as marble tile and wood cabinets and vanities, especially white oak. Some designers on Houzz say the surge of interest in natural materials is a result of some homeowners rethinking manmade materials like engineered quartz that have dominated homes in recent years and instead gravitating to natural materials that add character and authenticity to a space. 

  1. Curbless Showers With Continuous Flooring
Photo courtesy of Shaddock Caldwell Builders & Developers, Real Photo Texas

Curbless showers have been a popular bathroom feature on Houzz for many years. Often the shower flooring material is a smaller size tile or a different material than the main flooring in order to provide an adequate nonslip surface in the wet area. But more recently, many designers are running that mosaic tile flooring continuously through the entire bathroom, including the curbless shower area. This approach further enhances the sleek, streamlined effect of a curbless shower design, extends the nonslip surface and helps a small space appear larger than it is. 

  1. Bold-Contrast Bathrooms

All-white bathroom finishes continue to dominate homeowners’ choices, but in recent years some people have been inching toward hints of dark contrasting colors. Navy blue vanities have gained popularity with 7% of homeowners installing blue vanities, according to the 2022 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study. Some homeowners are taking a step further to the dark side with jet-black vanities and other black details set against crisp white backdrops. The white finishes keep things light and airy, while the black creates a touch of drama. Brass details and wood-look tile flooring help add warmth to this classic palette. 

  1. Connections to the Outdoors

For years, homeowners have craved deep connections to outdoor spaces, with 20% of homeowners making their kitchens more open to the outdoors post-renovation, according to the 2022 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. Sliding glass doors that completely open interior spaces to outdoor areas are at the top of many dream features lists. Adding large windows can maximize views to outdoor spaces and bring in tons of natural light in a less expensive way than fully glazed walls. Meanwhile, a focus on natural materials and colors, as well as wallpaper prints that recall nature, are also helping homeowners feel connected to the outdoors. 

  1. Modern Rustic Living Rooms
Photo courtesy of Swanson Homes (builder), Carbon 6 Interiors, Spacecrafting Photography

In living rooms, demand for natural materials is leading to a modern rustic style that’s both rugged and cozy. Natural stone fireplaces and surrounds, wood beams and off-white walls mix with comfortable furnishings in organic whites, browns and beiges to create an updated look that feels anchored to a rural past. 

  1. Color, Color, Color

A renewed interest in bright and bold color is one of the most-reported trends from design and remodeling professionals. The shift away from mostly neutrals and whites is something many pros attribute to the pandemic. These days, homeowners seem more adventurous and willing to take a chance on creating brighter, more vibrant spaces. Wallpaper is helping fuel the rush to color, with many homeowners using wild patterns and colors to add pop and personality. 

  1. Warm and Soft Kitchens

While pros say a desire for bold color is extending into some kitchens, many report that a lot of homeowners are asking for a warm and soft style that’s restful and relaxing. Think delicate greige or off-white cabinets, light woods, muted tile, subdued patterns and warm bronze and brass finishes. 

  1. Layers of Textures

One phrase that has come up again and again in conversations with design professionals from the Houzz community is “layered texture” in decor, wallpaper, materials and accessories. A lot of designers are layering wood, rattan, stone, metal finishes, concrete and various textural fabrics in one room to create a dynamic style that’s full of visual and tactile interest. 

  1. Playful Traditional Style
Photo courtesy of Vic Wahby (photographer)

In light of many homeowners embracing bright color, wild wallpaper and layered looks, many pros are seeing a maximalist decor style take hold, specifically a perked-up traditional look that combines vintage pieces with lots of upbeat pattern and wall coverings. Think of it as a traditional style returning in a fun way. Some pros say supply chain issues during the pandemic helped spawn the trend by forcing homeowners to look locally for antiques and recycled, repurposed or reupholstered pieces with whimsical details and a pretty patina. 

  1. Creative Island Seating

Casual seating is just one of the many appeals of a kitchen island. While the traditional seating arrangement has typically been a row of stools on one side facing the cooking area, some homeowners on Houzz are seeking alternative setups to accommodate a variety of needs, such as the ability to sit face-to-face with guests or sit at a standard dining table height. As a result, islands with creative seating arrangements like two-tiered designs with seating for 10 people and dropped-down or raised-up areas for various needs are becoming more popular.