July 20, 2024


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Let's Get Lippy!

*This episode is in support of the amazing Eve Appeal, a charity whose mission it is to raise money for research about, raise awareness of and support people with the five different types of gynaecological cancer.*

In this episode I’m joined by comedian extraordinaire Karen Hobbs and the brilliant GP Dr Aziza Sesay who are both ambassadors for one of my favourite charities, The Eve Appeal.
Karen was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014 and has since gone on to help launch The Eve Appeal’s nurse run helpline “Ask Eve” and incorporated her experience of cancer into her stand-up work.
Dr Sesay is on a mission to help educate us about our health and in particular raises awareness of the 5 different types of gynaecological cancer.
During the episode Karen shares her story, we chat about gynaecological cancer and how to recognise if something isn’t right and we generally have a good chin wag about female health and how to seek help when we need it. It is our hope that this episode will entertain you, empower you and might even save someone’s life.
Thanks so much to The Eve Appeal for providing these two incredible guests and for all the brilliant work that you do.

You can support The Eve Appeal by taking part in Get Lippy Month and buying products from the beauty brands who are supporting them by giving a percentage of takings straight to the charity. (You can find all the details and other ways to support them at https://eveappeal.org.uk. )

If you have any concerns about your gynaecological health you can call Ask Eve on 08088020019 – the nurses are AMAZING.

Oh and remember that the 5 different types of gynaecological cancer are womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal.