June 23, 2024


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uniqlo mini round shoulder bag

Review: Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you about my newest bag lust. Well, I did not end up getting it (yet) but I did end up with a new bag recently, that has me loving it to bits!

It isn’t wallet-busting, and it’s not only adorable, it’s incredibly useful too.

Meet the Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag – a mouthful!

I picked it out on a bit of a whim, out of necessity. I was out and about on a short holiday, and the bag I was using was killing my shoulders. So, at the next Uniqlo store I stopped by, I took a look at what was available, and the soft, squishy material sold me.

It’s made of a very lightweight nylon fabric, with a casual wrinkly half-moon body. The nylon strap is wide and comfortable when slung across the body, or when worn on the shoulder. It’s quite versatile. I don’t detect any loose threads on mine, and the zip is very smooth.

But what made me fall in love with it, is just how practical it is.

The body of the bag is quite small in size, and the half-moon shape hugs the body, so it has a slim profile when you’re carrying it. Yet, it fits a ton, so you can carry lots of things with you, without ever looking bulky.

While on holiday, it held my long wallet, passport, hand sanitizer, folded recycle bag, wet wipes and phone, and even had space for a small water bottle. Best of all, my shoulders did not hurt from the weight, because the bag itself barely weighs anything!

The reinforced piping around the edges helps hold the half-moon shape, but isn’t stiff, so you can fold and squash the bag without damaging the line. This makes it incredibly easy to pack in your luggage for a small bag when you arrive at your destination, as it weighs next to nothing and barely takes up any space at all.

What’s also nice is that the strap is adjustable, so you can shorten it and wear the bag across your body to keep it close to you. It’s also very modern these days to wear bags this way. If you prefer, you can also lengthen the strap, and just sling it on your shoulder, where it hits around my hip.

The only thing that stops this from being a perfect travel bag is that there are no zippered pockets on the inside, just 2 rather flimsy patch pockets. That said however, it isn’t marketed as a travel bag, but more of a casual bag you can tote about on weekends, or if you have a very casual style.

On regular days, I’d have in there my short wallet, card holder, key pouch, folded recycle bag, wet wipes, and a small water bottle (600ml). It could fit more, if I wanted to pack in some other slim items.

I tote mine around the city when I’m being casual (which I am, daily), but I most certainly pick it up when I decide to travel, which I have done inter-state. It is just so practical, light, and comfortable to use. It doesn’t look half bad either!

The other great thing about the Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag, is that it is machine-washable. So, if it gets dirty (which it will, if you use it for travel), you can just toss it in the machine and it comes out as good as new.

I had a bottle of water leak all over the inside (it isn’t waterproof!) but it dries very quickly. I ran in the rain, and while it got wet, my things inside remained dry. It isn’t waterproof, but if water gets on the bag from the outside, it is a little water resistant.

It comes in quite a few colours that are to me, quite neutral and versatile. I did however, pick a very neutral tone that you see here (labelled ‘brown’), as I’ve learnt through experience that for everyday wear, colours like this show dirt and wear less than a bolder colour I usually opt for.

Now, for the best part – it costs just RM39.90! 😀 (I saw on the Uniqlo website that they have another listing for a similar design but in new colours, and it retails at RM59.90 so I’d get it now, just in case a price hike is imminent)

I’m tempted to pick up another for dog walks. It fits their water bottle (I’ve tried), spare leash and poop bag, my cardholder and phone, and it leaves me handsfree to manage the rambunctious pups, while keeping everything to hand. It’s also light and washable, so I can toss it in the wash every so often and keep it clean.

In fact, I sold myself on the idea, so I’m picking up one the next time I’m near a Uniqlo! LOL! 😛 The only ‘problem’ is that it’s terribly popular, so it often goes out of stock. Sometimes I see full shelves at Uniqlo stores or online, and other times, it’s empty. So, it’s one of those things to just grab and not hope they go on sale (because I haven’t seen them yet!) 😛

I do see that in some regions there are some new colours, so perhaps they won’t be discontinuing this design as quickly as they usually do. But if you are sold on the idea, I’d pick up one before they decide to!

PRICE: RM39.90 | £14.90 | US$19.90 | S$19.90

WHERE TO BUY: Uniqlo stores or online (MY, SG, UK, USA)

A note to add: Due to its popularity and seemingly ‘hard to get’ status, I’ve seen them being sold at a premium on various websites, and even ‘dupes’ from overseas. Personally, I’d say to just check out your nearest Uniqlo store or the website, as they do replenish stock regularly. I’m not a fan of overpaying for things like this.

Have you noticed this Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag? Do you own one?

I sport a very casual style these days, so this suits me for a daily bag, if I so wanted it to be. I love the neutral single colour it comes in, and the slouchy shape that holds everything I need without looking bulky. I’m really glad I picked it up! 😀

Paris B