July 20, 2024


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Some tips for the winter fashion


Winters in Madison are freezing, but, along with snow, the cold weather also brings new fashion trends. A trend that will definitely be seen on campus this winter is matching sweatsuits. 

Ever since people were forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leisure wear has become more popular than ever, especially matching sweatsuits. 

This trend first started with tye-dye sets over the summer and has not lost steam. In fact, this trend has become more popular in the winter because it’s warm and comfortable. This trend has also evolved with the seasons and now instead of tye dye, many people are wearing monochromatic sets. 

Colors such as brown and beige have become increasingly popular as the weather has gotten colder. This trend is extremely versatile and will not be going anywhere for awhile.These sets have gained so much popularity not only because they are comfortable, but because they are very versatile. 

Celebrities and influencers have begun accessorising their sweat suits and turning them into high fashion looks. They do this by adding chunky jewelry and a blazer for a more professional look or sneakers and a puffer jacket for a more sporty look. This has inspired many people to do the same, making matching sweatsuits a wardrobe staple. 

This trend has really taken off in Madison because sweat suits are warm, comfortable and stylish. Sweatsuits have also become such a big trend among college students because of their wide price range. While there is high end lounge wear, there are also cheaper options at stores such as Zara, Aerie and Target. 

This allows college students to be a part of a huge fashion trend, while still on a budget. 

Matching sweatsuits are the perfect look for going to class, whether online, in-person or grabbing coffee with a friend. They are the perfect winter staple for everyone’s closet. 

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