This Entrepreneur And Author Took Her Passion For Fashion And Built A Thriving Career

Meet entrepreneur, author and fashion historian Nancy Flaherty. Using her knowledge for fashion couture she recently debuted her book French Flair:10 Essential Pieces for Style And The History That Makes Them So Iconic. Flaherty presents ten key items that women should have in their closet from the little black dress to the ideal scarf to the fitted blazer. 

As the founder and CEO of Hidden Gems with Grace, Flaherty curates shopping and fashion experiences in Paris and other cities that offer Parisian panache. Also, just last month, Flaherty was appointed the Atlanta regional director

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How the Founders of Topicals Built Beauty’s Most Exciting New Brand

It started with Mean Girls. In the cult comedy, the titular girls keep a Burn Book filled with photos of their classmates and epithets describing them. Budding skin-care company Topicals, a brand formulated with chronic skin conditions top of mind, wanted to co-opt the Burn Book’s psychological message and flip it on its head. 

So on October 3, 2020 (Mean Girls fans will recognize this date immediately), Topicals released its own version filled with relatable acne experiences from a diverse array of young influencers and takedowns of the beauty standards they wish didn’t exist. In this book,

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