Nordstrom fashion items to shop right now


We’re always excited to see the latest fashion finds at Nordstrom, and we certainly aren’t the only ones. Personal style and fashion blogger Stephanie Arant notes that Nordstrom offers “a lot of different pieces, brands and price points which makes it really easy to find an entire look or just a few things you want to add to your closet.”

But as we transition from summer into fall, it can be daunting to find the right pieces that suit the changing temperatures. The best thing to do is plan your buy. “Take a good look at the

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18 Spring It Items That Aren’t That Expensive

The time has come for us to start thinking about stowing our sweaters away until fall and shopping for some new spring pieces. Finally, am I right?… This winter has been 10 years long. Spring fashion may not be in full swing just yet, but there are already some standout pieces that fashion girls are documenting on their feeds.

When you think of “It” items, you probably think of the latest designer bag or Bottega Veneta shoes with a mile-long waitlist. But It items don’t have to cost $1k or more. Anything can be an It item if

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The 5 Menswear Items I Always Steal From My Dad and Brother’s Closets


23 Helpful Goods To Finally Get That Closet Organized

While a new year has long been designated the period for cleaning, we don’t always treat it that way. The task, which by nature is not the most fun, often can’t compete with all the outdoor activities that begin to populate our social calendars as soon as the weather shows signs of warming up. But now that we’ve got more time than ever spent within the confines of our homes, the hefty job of getting your closet in order is actually looking pretty good — especially if you’ve already had

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Just a Really Great List of All the Black-Owned Fashion Items I’m Shopping Now

Everyone has their go-to procrastination tactic—maybe you find yourself refreshing your Instagram feed, whipping up an elaborate meal, or going for a leisurely walk when you’re putting off a task. My personal coping mechanism? Making shopping lists. No matter what mood I’m in or why exactly I’m looking to kill time, my first instinct is to draw up a list of things I need—well, more often than not, things I want but don’t actually need. Grocery lists, arbitrary to-do lists, and yes, shopping lists.

Being a fashion editor, I keep a running tab of my favorite brands and boutiques

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