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When Courtney and Bleeker had been college students in Ridgewood High School, Courtney met Mondanile, who was a yr above him, while on the college Home Mortgage Rates bus. Mondanile was listening to the Impossibles on his Walkman and requested if Courtney wanted to listen.

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The fashion pieces the nation has been buying since shops reopened

Some questioned whether the reopening of non-essential retail stores would actually drive customers to the high street after lockdown. A debate that was quickly quashed as queues for stores from John Lewis to Zara snaked up and down London’s Oxford Street on opening day. 

On April 12, insight from PWC showed that 57% of UK consumers were excited for a physical shopping experience, and it hasn’t let up. In the first week of May, high street footfall increased by 296.3%, and in shopping centres, footfall rose by 318.4% on the previous year, according to the BDO’s High Street Sales Tracker.

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