September 21, 2023


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Things to Know About a 3 Carat White Gold Gypsy Engagement Ring

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Choosing the right engagement ring to offer your future wife is tricky. Engagements ring being sold come in different designs, settings, and carats. With all these details sometimes it’s hard to pick one. A lot of stores are also everywhere offering their best products. With all those products available men would have to exert effort to get the perfect engagement ring for their girl. If you are from Dallas then why not shop for the 3-Carat White Gold Gypsy Engagement Ring. 3 Carat White Gold Gypsy Engagement Ring in Dallas are recommended and here are some guides on why you have to consider this as your engagement ring. 

Characteristics of Gypsy Engagement Ring

What is the Origin of the Gypsy Ring? 

To give you more idea where the gypsy ring came from. The gypsy ring originated from the Victorian era, men were actually the ones who first wore the gypsy ring. They are actually flush-set rings and opposite from the diamond they are not sparkly. It’s a tapered long yellow bank ring with three stones in a row. 

What does it Mean by Gypsy Ring Anyway?

The name alone is a mystery, they just call it gypsy ring, this ring is actually known as the flush-mount setting. The diamonds in the ring are flush with the bond, meaning it doesn’t protrude just like the usual engagement ring setting where the diamonds are exaggerated by being extremely visible. Diamonds are prop by putting metal framing around the stone but In the flush-mount setting hole is made and a diamond is embedded in this hole. Therefore the stone is aligned with the band, this is what makes it unique compared with the typical engagement ring. 

Is flush-mounted Setting Secured?

That is a big yes! Since the stone is embedded it is secured and safe from getting tangled. It will also have lesser chances of getting scratched. This is ideal for girls who are always on the go, they don’t have to worry about getting their ring tangled or getting scratches.  

How Much Does a 3 Carat White Gold Gypsy Engagement Ring Cost?

For the stone use, you will pay per carat worth plus the settings and labor. It usually costs $19000 and up, it depends on the materials used and design you selected. Gypsy rings are worth the buy since their design makes them more durable because the stone is more secured in the setting.  

What are the 4cs of a 3 Carat White Gold Gypsy Engagement Ring? 

As always every diamond should be graded according to the GIA scale which includes clarity, color, carat, and cut. Here are the details you should look into each grading. 

  • Clarity 

Clarity of a 3 Carat White Gold Gypsy Engagement Ring should be on the VS2 scale as the minimum. Most inclusions are not visible to the naked eye and for flush-mount settings inclusions can be hidden when the stone is embedded on the setting. However, you can still opt for other clarity levels such as S1 and VVS2. Get the opinion of the expert if you are doubtful which one would you prefer for your 3-carat diamond’s clarity. 

  • Color 

Color grade G to I is recommended for the 3 Carat White Gold Gypsy Engagement Ring. This color can appear colorless to the naked eye and yet less expensive than the D to F range. The color grade can be a good match to the white gold setting. 

  • Cut

Cutting diamond needs to be done by an expert, getting the perfect cut can bring out its Brilliancy and spark. Make sure to get the ideal cut you want, choosing a shape can make your partner happy. Know her preference of shapes and you can have the shape customized by your jeweler. 

  • Carat 

Carat should be closed to 3, in that way it could meet the 3-carat weight. Cutting an exact 3 carat is sometimes hard. 3 point something weight can be good enough. 

Use these guidelines in getting your 3 Carat White Gold Gypsy Engagement Ring in Dallas. Take note of the 4cs on how to find a good diamond and you will surely pick a perfect engagement ring that can make your partner say yes when you propose.