May 20, 2024


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<strong>Things you should know about wet and wavy wig</strong>

Things you should know about wet and wavy wig

<strong>Things you should know about wet and wavy wig</strong>


Curly hair wigs are a great option if you want to buy a wig that looks sophisticated without being rigid. However, when you see all kinds of curly hair wigs, you may be a little overwhelmed. Especially when buying wigs online, you may be confused by the different curly hairstyles. Then choose a wig that looks the best. But the fact that a curly wig looks good in the picture doesn’t mean it will give you the same effect. In my opinion, you should choose a curly wig that suits your face shape more than a “pretty looking” wig.

So, what kind of curly hair wig can better shape your face? I think, wet and wavy wig would be a good choice. Because it often brings more applicability and possibilities than ordinary curly hair wigs.

Wet and wavy wig is a curly wig

Wet and wavy wig’s curly hair is very beautiful. It has relatively small curls and makes your hair look very rich and shiny. If there’s one adjective to describe the look it gives you, I think “shaggy” is just right. Yes, it makes you look fluffy and cute like a puppy. Wet and wavy wig curls can give you a strong soft feminine charm.

2. Wet and wavy wig will resume curling after encountering water

Another significant advantage of the Wet and wavy wig is that it returns to its original curl once it encounters water. As we all know, the most common problem of curly wig users is that the curl of their curly wigs will be damaged after long-term use. The higher the intensity of use, the more obvious the damage to the curl of the wig. When the curl of a curly wig becomes more and more loose, if you want to restore the volume, then you can only use elastin to repair it. And the magic of wet and wavy wig is that it doesn’t need to use elastin, just use some moisture to slowly make it curl again.

3. Wet and wavy lace wig will give you a more natural hairline

The lace part of the Wet and wavy lace wig fits snugly against your skin. When you wear this wig, it will be difficult for the person standing in front of you to realize that you are actually wearing a wig. Because the lace part will make your wig look like it has grown naturally from the scalp. If you need to show off your forehead hairline, the wet and wavy lace wig is perfect for you.

4. Wet and wavy headband wig will be easier to wear

Wet and wavy headband wig will be easier to wear. Since the wet and wavy lace wig requires glue to wear, it may not be so friendly to wig newbies. For those who are using wigs for the first time, it is better to buy a wet and wavy wig headband wig. Because the wet and wavy headband wig doesn’t need to use glue, and its installation steps are very clear and simple.

5. The hair material of wet and wavy wig must be human hair

About the raw materials of wet and wavy wig, few people may notice this. In fact, the raw material of all wet and wavy wigs must be human hair. Moreover, the higher the quality of the wet and wavy wig, the longer its service life and the more obvious its self-healing properties. At present, artificial hair wigs, animal hair wigs, and chemical fiber wigs cannot achieve the effect of “wet and wavy”. Therefore, the price of wet and wavy wig is often not too cheap (human hair wigs are usually more expensive).