July 20, 2024


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Tips on Choosing your Wedding Jewelry

Although the attention-seeker in a bride is the dress, other necessary accessories complement it. Things like the earring, necklace, ring, tiara, and the hairdo are as important as the gown. Therefore, you should be particular about the combo between your jewelry and your dress. Below, we will start with the tips that you should never forget while shopping for your wedding jewelry.

Where’s the wedding dress?

Dear beauties, please make sure that the CEO of your shopping list is your wedding dress. Weird, huh? I mean, since we are talking about jewelry, why do we have to prioritize the dress? Well, it is more straightforward to find the earring, necklace, or bracelet that will go with your gown than otherwise. However, you can only buy the accessories first when you are wearing heirloom jewelry. Heirloom jewelry is designed in a way to perfectly fit typical wedding gown styles. Hence, I won ‘t be a problem finding a dress because there are a lot of classical collections of gowns.

On the contrary, this may not be the same with modern styles. Since present-day jewelry is picky, you will find it frustrating to find the perfect gown.
Always keep the theme of your wedding in mind. You must always buy the dress first before the jewelry. Trust me, it will be more comfortable and stress-free if you follow this tip.

Keep it simple

Simple is graceful. The more bits and bobs you use, the higher the chance of the prettier ones vanishing. When you shop for your wedding jewelry, you need to balance it with your accessories. If your wedding gown is sophisticated with entangled beading, embroidery, or other styles, keep the jewelry plain. As well, if you decide to get a plain wedding gown, go wild with the jewelry.

Also, be thoughtful about the way the jewelry lies in your dress. If the wedding dress has an intricate neckline, go soft on the neckpiece. Similarly, if the dress is long-sleeved, don’t wear a bracelet. If there is an applique of noticeable size on the bust, neckline or waist, your jewelry should not be be a mismatch.

Keeping your look simple is a tiresome task, but you can get to your goal if you focus on your goal. Your guests will not admire your outfit if you end up looking like the colors of the rainbow. So, run away from the urge to choose more shimmer than is actually necessary.

The colors of the metal should match the color of the dress.

I recommend this because some colors are spectacular together, while others are disastrous when worn at the same time. When it comes to choosing your jewelry, you have options like white, gold, and pink. Silver, palladium, platinum, or white jewelry look exquisite with simple white dresses or those with silver beads. Golden or yellowish jewelry is matched with creamy white wedding gowns. As well, rose gold goes well with white and silver. If the embroidery in your dress is silver, stick to silver gemstones in a white background so that there is no mismatch. If it has pearls and beads, you should consider wearing a string of pearls and other matching beads. Vivid details like sashes should be brought into consideration when choosing the color of accessories. Certain tones like navy and grey are better seen with white.

Give your hair love and attention

I know it isn’t everyone that buys the idea of ​​wearing a tiara on their D-day. However, it would not be wrong if you check it out. However, there are many attractive options in hair accessories that can make you look gorgeous. Tying your hair up or letting it down doesn’t matter at all. All you should consider is decorating your hair with a headpiece that matches your dress. Choose hair accessories in appropriate sizes, based on the color and texture of your hair.

If you have dense curls, you may need more prominent accessories for it to be noticeable. For people with beautiful, thin hair, elaborate fixtures may look too bulky. Also, your accessories do not need to be metallic. Another option is weaving flowers into your hair fr a natural look.

Flower crowns are another attractive accessory to consider. Remember that varying the position on your head can help you achieve various looks. So, try out different ways to find the best location.

Finally, don’t make the mistake of choosing your hair accessories before deciding the hairstyle you are wearing on that day. This is because some hair accessories do not fit some particular styles. So, to avoid the trouble of changing the hair accessory, pick the hairdo first.

Invest in your jewelry for the long-term.

We all know that wedding dresses are things you don’t wear after that day again. That’s why a lot of people rent it for that particular day. However, when it comes to jewelry, the case is different. This is the reason why I advise many of my friends and customers to always buy something they would want to wear again. Rather than spending thousands on what you may not wear again, go for what you will be happy repeating. If there is a particular pearl of stone that you have always admired, this might be the golden opportunity to grab it and go. It is well-known that jewelry is another way of investing your money. You could either pass it down to your children or sell it for monetary gain.


With the wedding bells ringing and you walking down the aisle, everyone always turns their neck to see the star walking down. If this is you, follow these tips so that their stares will be worthwhile.