June 19, 2024


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Tuesday Tip: Tip for Managing Stress During the Holidays

Tuesday Tip: Tip for Managing for Stress During the Holidays

You hear a lot about meditation, journaling, sleep and all those things that reduce stress. They’re great and you should keep doing those. 

But today I’m going to talk about a quick and simple exercise. It’s super helpful in de-stressing and getting focused. In fact, it’s helped me calm my monkey mind and I’ve never felt clearer after doing this. 

So listen to today’s Tuesday Tip because it’s going to help you tremendously, especially this holiday rush. 

See, I’ve been meditating but it wasn’t really doing much for me because I was feeling super stressed. 

And if you’ve listened to my previous podcast episode, I shared the story about how I was on a downward spiral over the last couple of months. And one of the things that helped me out of my funk was this simple breathwork exercise. 

Some of the exercises I talked about in this episode are alternate nostril breathing and breathing through a straw. 

So listen to this Tuesday Tip and let go of your anxiety in just a few minutes. 

xo, Tracy


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