An ionic footbath (IFb) is a method used to help remove chemicals, toxins and other impurities from your body. Every day, you are exposed to countless different substances that can pollute your body, change your cellular energy and compromise your health. From aluminum in baking soda and other commonly used foods to EMF waves from cell phone towers surrounding you to the chemicals used in food and fertilizer, your body is bogged down every day with a huge variety of toxins that can ultimately compromise your well-being. Cleansing your body is important and an IFb is a tool you can use.
What is an Ionic Footbath?
At first glance, an ionic footbath may seem like soaking your feet- a relaxing enough activity in and of itself. However, an IFb is much more than just soaking tired feet. Ionic footbaths use scientific principles to draw unhealthy toxins out of your body and into the bath.
An IFb contains negatively charged ions. These negatively charged ions attract the positive ions or the free radicals that are in your body. When the positive ions are attracted to the negative ions, they can be drawn out of your body- thus cleansing your body of some of its impurities that are making you less healthy than you could be.
Of course, an IFb doesn’t just draw positive ions out- it does so in the scientific process of osmosis. Because of osmosis, the positively charged ions and toxins are able to be drawn out through the skin. However, because the ions and chemicals are drawn out through a semipermeable membrane, you don’t lose anything that your body needs.
Because an IFb draws out only unhealthy impurities in your body, you can restore your cellular energy to a healthy level and help to cleanse and purify your body. You can also boost your lymphatic system due to the ion-charged bath. As a result, many people report alleviation of a variety of medical conditions and even those without any specific ailment may simply feel healthier and better after an IFb.
Where can you go for an ionic footbath?Certain specialty practitioners may provide ionic footbaths in your local area. You can also give yourself an IFb at home provided you have the right equipment. Preparing an ionic footbath is easy and simply involves adding Himalayan sea salt to your special charged ionic bath and soaking your feet in the bath for around a half an hour. Its iherb code.
When you have an IFb, you may be surprised to note that the water in the bath actually changes color. You may see also foam & smells as the detox process is occurring.
You can cleanse your body using an IFb three times per week, helping to ensure that you are always in the best health possible and keeping your lymphatic system strong and simulated to help ward off disease and illness.
If all of this sounds good to you, consider trying an ionic footbath today.