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Winter Splurges at Bluemercury – 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

Winter Splurges at Bluemercury – 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

I love a good beauty splurge, and I tend to be pretty loyal once I’ve found a great splurge that works well for me. Today I’m sharing some of my favorites, some of which I’ve never shared here on 15 Minute Beauty!

I buy my splurges at Bluemercury. They have my favorite brands, and as a member of their BlueRewards program I earn $10 in beauty cards for every $250 I spend. I also get free standard shipping, event invitations and even a birthday gift! It’s free to join!

Bluemercury’s Holiday Party is starting 11/23, and the more you spend the more you’ll save! Up to 20% off when you spend over $250, use the code GIFT. They’ll also have an amazing gift bag for you if you spend over $250, while supplies last. It includes products from Chantecaille, Hourglass, Lune+Aster, Olaplex and more.


Bader’s products are definitely a huge splurge, but they’re a cult favorite amongst beauty editors for the results, not the price tag. I started using the Rich Cream last winter. I felt a bit blah and just using a serum rich in peptides wasn’t helping enough. Bader includes plenty of moisturizers, antioxidants and offers visible anti-aging results. I wish I had taken some before pictures, but I really do think this cream has made a difference in my skin. I use it nightly after my serum. I just purchased my 3rd bottle.

A friend gave me this lip balm a few years ago in a gift set. Really? Is a La Mer Lip Balm really necessary? It turns out that it is. This is one of my go-to lip products, it lives on my nightstand. It isn’t sticky, is super hydrating, and has this amazing slightly sweet flavor. A little bit goes a long way, one little jar lasts me almost 6 months.

I’ve long been a fan of Oribe, and these are some of my most frequent repurchases. Après Beach is the perfect way to finish styling my hair after I’ve curled it into beachy waves. It adds a little texture, which helps the curl last longer, and some great shine. Supershine Cream has long been one of my go-to styling products for my hair, whether I’m blow drying or letting my hair dry. I apply root to tip in damp hair, and it makes my hair softer, shinier and easier to style.

Finally, the new Everyday Essentials Hair Set is one I picked up preparing for upcoming travels. It has travel sizes of the Supershine Cream, as well as the Oribe Signature Shampoo and Conditioner. When purchased together they’re a great deal!

One of my favorite beauty splurges over the pandemic became body scrubs. I love a good salt or sugar scrub, especially if it hydrates my skin and smells amazing. After trying out an embarrassing number of scrubs, Salts of the Earth Body Scrub has emerged as my favorite. It has an herbal scent that just reminds me of going to an expensive spa, I keep this is my shower for days that I need a bit of a pick me up.

I also recently purchased the Best of Body Starter Set, I wanted a travel sized version of the scrub. It also has smaller versions of their body butter and body oil, products I’ve struggle to find in travel sizes.

For years Revitalash has been my go-to lash serum. I use it nightly, right along the lash line. My lashes are so long that I have to be careful with my glasses, my lashes will smudge the inside of the lenses!

Is it odd that I initially bought this volumizing product because I read somewhere that Jennifer Aniston swears by it? My hair is heavy and thick, and it gets weighed down very easily. So, I always use a volumizing product near my roots. This spray gets the job done, but it also doesn’t feel like I have anything in my hair. Instead of feeling like there’s mousse there, my hair is just… volumized. 1 bottle easily lasts me 6 months, so it’s worth the money!

A few more of my go-to skincare splurges! The Regenerating Cleanser is a cleanser/scrub combo. It has just the right amount of non-sharp grit to feel like I’m lightly exfoliating my skin without tearing it apart. It also has an amazing fresh orange scent, and rinses off very easily. I keep dry, itchy winter skin away with Revitalizing Body Oil every morning. It sinks it quickly, doesn’t feel greasy or sticky, and it has a great spa-like herbal scent.

I’m a sucker for the Trish McEvoy makeup planners. They’re very carefully curated sets, including everything you need except for a concealer and foundation. All the other products are there, from lip liner to mascara and even under eye color corrector. The colors are harmonious and beautiful, and it is all perfectly packaged for travel. I already own 2 of these planners, but whenever Trish McEvoy releases a new one it goes in and out of my cart repeatedly.

I could no longer help myself recently and splurged on the new Trish McEvoy x Bluemercury Power of Makeup Makeup Planner. This is a Bluemercury exclusive, and is full of amazing products that I already love. I’ve also purchased a new stash of Trish McEvoy brushes, they fit perfectly in the planner. I’ll bring all of this to my vacation over winter break!


What are your favorite beauty splurges?

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This post is a collaboration with BlueMercury, but the product choices and opinions are my own.