5 Things You May Not Know About online Shopping


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More than just an easy way to shop, online shopping stores benefit consumers in many ways. Convenience is the number one perk that is suitable for people shopping online who do not have the time, energy or mood to go to the mall. But do you research before shopping online?

Did you know- Worldwide, the top products consumers buy online are books, movies, music, and video games. About 60 per cent of consumers shop online at least once a month, and 24 percent online at least weekly. Once a week, 30 percent of those who buy online are … Read More

What is an Ionic Footbath?

An ionic footbath (IFb) is a method used to help remove chemicals, toxins and other impurities from your body. Every day, you are exposed to countless different substances that can pollute your body, change your cellular energy and compromise your health. From aluminum in baking soda and other commonly used foods to EMF waves from cell phone towers surrounding you to the chemicals used in food and fertilizer, your body is bogged down every day with a huge variety of toxins that can ultimately compromise your well-being. Cleansing your body is important and an IFb is a tool you can … Read More