I’m a fashion guru – the five trends short girls should ALWAYS avoid and why you should never buy low-rise jeans

FINDING the perfect outfit is hard enough when you’re short.

But there are some trends that you should avoid if you don’t want to make yourself look even shorter as well.


Low rise jeans are a big no if you’re shortCredit: YouTube/@ Dearly Bethany

Luckily, this fashion whizz, who goes by Dearly Bethany online, shared some of the things you’re a bit vertically challenged.

Avoid low-rise

Just because low-rise jeans might be making a comeback doesn’t mean you have to wear them.

In fact, they’re the last thing you should wear if your legs are on the shorter

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10 Summer Fashion Trends To Get On Now

Summer is historically a bright and colorful season in the fashion world, get ready for lots of colors, patterns, detail as well as reliable basics.

Spring 2022 was blessed with bold patterns and bright colors which was the perfect way to kick off sunny weather and the good news is those trends are rocking right into summer 2022 and then some.

Coachella fashion is another way to kick start the summer fashion vibes, which brought back two-piece sets, crocheted anything and lots of bold statement pieces. Summer fashion is going to be all of that and more with comfortable basics

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See Jennifer Lopez Pose in High-Waisted, Flare-Legged Denim

Jennifer Lopez has shared another retro-inspired look.

The Marry Me actor showed off her penchant for reviving fashion trends in new photos shared yesterday, highlighting a cute outfit with an ’80s flair. In the pics, the star pairs a long-sleeve lavender shirt, featuring an intense V-neck and ruched detailing, with dark high-waisted, flare-leg jeans, both by Et Ochs. Accessories include layers of gold, in stacked necklaces and bracelets, along with shimmery platform stilletos.

“La-La-Lavender 💜 #HappyFriday,” she captioned the pics.

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you

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Song Kang forecasts fashion trends

Just like his character Lee Si Woo can forecast the weather, Song Kang knows what rains and what shines in the world of fashion.  

Song Kang sports classic and versatile fashion pieces from Penshoppe’s Color

The 28-year-old South Korean actor has captured spotlights and hearts as Lee Si Woo in his latest K Drama hit Forecasting Love & Weather, playing the role of a weather forecasting genius who braves the storms of a seemingly complicated love story. 

Fans bid goodbye to the beloved character in the series finale which aired in April, but he isn’t done channeling Lee Si

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The 2022 fashion trends set to go viral

“I think tie-dye has had its moment and should leave the room now.

“Shoes made primarily of PVC: nobody needs to see your feet sweat.

“Clothes deliberately designed for tiny boobs. Those of us packing heat understand why.”

Nakkiah Lui, actor and writer

When Harper’s Bazaar magazine relaunched in Australia in September, the composed features of Gamillaroi/Torres Strait Islander Lui, with a bold red lip, were selected to signal a new era. Lui’s work as a writer and performer on Black Comedy and Preppers is breaking new creative ground.

“With the rise of TikTok I am noticing a shift away

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A look at all the Indian divas at the Cannes red carpet and the trends that they set

Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor

Several Indian movie stars and filmmakers have dazzled the Cannes Red carpet multiple times in the last few years. From Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan to Deepika Padukone, many Bollywood celebrities have turned heads and set fashion trends. Even the international paparazzi eagerly look forward to seeing Indians at the French Riviera. And this year is no different. Bollywood beauties continue to impress the world audience with their attire choices, but here’s taking a look at the divas at the Cannes Red carpet and the trends they set.

Sonam Kapoor’s nose ring

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