June 21, 2024


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ITZY Gave Us Their Style Choices, and Now I Trust Their Opinions More Than My Own

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Sadly I can’t speak from personal experience, but one of the best parts of being in a girl group has gotta be establishing your distinctive style persona. The ladies in the K-pop group ITZY have got that down pat. While they’re into pretty different types of fashion, all five know how to pull a killer look together. Obvi, this made them more than qualified to participate in our series Drip or Drop>>>P.

We served Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Shin Yu-na with a few pretty tough style options to choose between. You can bet that the girls were v down to provide their hilarious input on fashion dos and don’ts (heads up, they’re not rocking with that asymmetrical jeans trend very much.)

Along with their takes on what to wear, we also got the inside scoop on which member they think dresses the best, and how they’d define their personal styles. Check out the full vid, bc if anything else, you *need* to watch the girls’ high-stakes deliberation on long hair vs. short. According to Chaeryeong, long hair makes you a better dancer, so lemme stock up on growth serums in case they need a sixth member.

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