How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe That Will Last a Lifetime

Not so long ago, the fashion world was buzzing about the concept of a capsule wardrobe—the kind of compact closet that only held a bare minimum of pieces that all perfectly matched each other with great ease and much time saved in the morning. Perhaps because the economic downturn was ramping up at the same time that a furious decade of fast-fashion shopping was taking its toll on the capacity of our closets, the capsule wardrobe appeared to be the solution to everyone’s fashion woes.

Around that time in 2014, Caroline Rector, a Texan and fashion lover who’d had

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A Month-By-Month Guide To Making Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

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5 Women Who Know Food Share Their Seduction Meals

Eating together is an intimate act. Even making eye contact with a stranger as you try to stop a particularly ambitious bite of a burrito spill over yourself feels revealing. That stranger has seen something essential in your hunger, your choice of fillings, your inability to hold your meal together. It’s an exposing experience – and you were just trying to get through a rushed pre-COVID lunch break.This is why the meals we make and eat are so crucial in relationships, especially at the beginning. Beyond the obvious

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Seven accessories every woman should have in their wardrobe Eve Woman

Have at least one pair of sunglasses that actually helps protect your eyes from harmful UV rays (Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels)

By definition, an accessory is an item that enhances something else. As you may already know, this term isn’t new in the world of fashion because a look is never complete without adding a few accessories here and there to add that something extra.

The best part about accessories is that they are suitable for everyone across all ages.

Styles and tastes vary but there will always be those stylish essentials that should never be left out

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