July 19, 2024


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Community Love | Chantaie of Storytelling University

Community Love | Chantaie of Storytelling University


A little Q&A with Chantaie Allick – Writer, Strategist and Storyteller.

We are beyond excited to introduce you to Chantaie! Chantaie is an amazing writer and passionate storyteller who recently launched Storytelling University, an online educational resource for creatives seeking independence, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Through it she helps unlock your own unique story, build your brand, become a better communicator and change your life for the better! Chantaie believes we all have a story to tell, and can’t wait to help you tap into yours.

describe yourself and what you do.

Chantaie: I am a writer, founder, and brand strategist. At my core, I’m a storyteller who believes in magic. I help creators, independent business owners, and business leaders uncover and share their unique stories with the world.


what inspires you, drives you and gets you out of bed in the morning?

Chantaie: Great stories. The chance to shape them, discover them, and share them.


what’s an important lesson you’ve learned that you want to share with the world?

Chantaie: No matter who you are or what your experiences have been, your story matters and could change the world.


how does representation in your community make a difference?

Chantaie: I’m not sure about representation, but I think the more stories we have created and shared by traditionally racialized and marginalized folks, the more understanding and meaningful connection we’ll create in the world.

what does the idea of “Universal Love” mean to you?


Chantaie: Love occurs at the level of Spirit and acts beyond social constructs created within racist, classist systems.



if there was one other person, business or group you want to celebrate, who would it be?


Chantaie: Every single Black and trans woman who is out in the world shining bright and sharing their light despite what the world so often gives back to them. To get specific, Laverne Cox is a personal fave and on my mind because I just binge listened to her beautiful and compelling podcast.

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