July 19, 2024


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New: Schedule Your Emails Multiple Days a Week or Month

New: Schedule Your Emails Multiple Days a Week or Month

Screenshot of an Automated Mailing's settings showing the schedule tab open for editing. The Weekly option is chosen.

More hassle-free set it and forget it email campaigns at your fingertips.

The beauty of automated RSS-to-email campaigns is the set it and forget it factor, knowing your email campaigns will be sent as scheduled with your new content – that was the foundation in creating FeedBlitz.

And now, continuing our mission to provide the most versatile and comprehensive automated email services to help you reach your goals, an exciting feature update is now available for all automated RSS-to-email campaigns.

Greater flexibility for your automated campaigns.

Previously, automated campaigns were restricted to a specific day a week for weekly emails or only one, select day a month for monthly emails.

But as of now: Mondays and Fridays? Can do. Weekends only? Check. Daily, except for weekends? Ask and ye shall receive.

Screenshot of the weekly schedule options. Monday through Friday are checked as options.

And it’s not just for multiple days of the week. Interested in the 1st and 15th of the month? Way ahead of you:

Screenshot of the monthly schedule option with the first and the fifteenth chosen as options.

You create the content, we deliver it to the world – on your schedule.

No longer the one-size-fits-all approach to automated emails, this update moves FeedBlitz clients one step further towards fully customizable RSS-to-email campaigns.

Maintaining regular contact with your list – automatically by using the new content added to your website – not only works to keep your list healthy and your subscribers engaged, but it allows your content to work double-time. Simply post to your site and the email campaign sends it to your list, without the need to login and create the campaign each time, so you can focus on other tasks at hand.

Let’s get started.

These scheduling options are available for every FeedBlitz client, beginning with your free trial. For questions, reach out to us on our Support Page to contact us via email, chat, or even over the phone. Live support is available Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern.