May 22, 2024


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A Do and a Don’t When Handling Negative Amazon Reviews

DO: Request removal by Amazon if the review violates community guidelines

There are certain instances in which a negative review will be in violation of Amazon’s community guidelines. In these instances, you can ask Amazon to remove the review, and customer service may do so upon reviewing it. Some review types that could be up for Amazon removal include:

  1. Comments about competitive pricing found on Amazon or elsewhere.
  2. Abusive content (profanity, harassment, etc)
  3. Off-topic comments that aren’t specifically about the product (including comments about the seller)
  4. Reviews made by a competitor

If you believe that a negative review left on one of your products falls into one of these categories or others listed as illegal under Amazon’s community guidelines, contact customer service to inquire about having them removed.

DON’T: Enlist the help of a third-party service promising to remove negative reviews

There are no shortcuts when it comes to handling negative reviews as a seller. Your primary courses of action are responding to the review and reporting potentially illegal product reviews to Amazon.

Some websites offer services that claim they can get negative reviews removed at a high success rate. These services fall under the category of “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Most of these companies will break Amazon’s rules and contact customers directly in an attempt to get them to remove or change their feedback. 

These practices could be traced back to you and result in major consequences, including products being de-listed, withdrawal of selling privileges, and in some cases even legal action.

Negative product reviews are unfortunately a part of life on Amazon. Handle them with grace, learn from them constructive feedback, and keep offering great products and customer service to your customers. In the end, if you do things the right way, your positive reviews will far outweigh your negative ones.

Make The Most Of A Bad Review

Unless you believe you’re being trolled, attempt to extract the most positive aspects of a poor review. While it may not appear so at first, a poor review forces you to examine your actions.

In fact, if you notice that a negative review is lacking in detail, leave a remark and ask for more information. You’ll be able to handle the issue while also demonstrating that you’re proactive.

Respond to Bad Reviews

What’s the first step in dealing with a negative review? Respond to it. Begin by apologizing and thanking the reviewer for their candid feedback.

Responding to bad reviews allows you to clarify the air and provide additional information that might be useful to prospective buyers. Have you resolved a problem raised by a reviewer? Make a point of mentioning it. Although the unfavorable review may remain, individuals who read it will have more information to consider before making a purchase.

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